The Method


"There was no method to be seen; what was seen was a child...acting according to its own nature," said External link opens in new tab or windowDr. Maria Montessori in her book, "Secret of Childhood."  The statement stems from her efforts to scientifically study a child's true nature by observing children freely in activities of their own choice within a well-ordered physical environment.  She has seen it produce positive qualities such as self-discipline, love of order, better concentration and an increase of interest in intellectual activities.
The Child
The child is taught individually and enjoys working at a pace and level suited for the child's needs.  The child works with peers of varying ages in the same classroom stimulating academic and social growth, giving the child an understanding of abstract experiences.  The Montessori child confidently develops socially, mentally, and physically.
The Environment
The Montessori environment is a joyous place to be.  It is geared to the child's natural development and the child has the unique opportunity to fulfill his potential.  There is no limit to what your child can learn and do. The environment offers the child limitless, unique educational materials.
The Directress
The child's interest and needs are keenly observed and lovingly responded to by our qualified and talented Montessori directress.  To help your child realize his full potential, certain principles infuse the environment.  The directress provides a stimulating and beautiful environment for the child to function constructively.  She allows the child to perform so that self-knowledge, independence, confidence, and a love of learning flow freely.
We recruit and retain the best staff available who display not merely excellent training but a positive attitude, as well.
The Materials
Individual materials permit a varied pace and accomodate many levels of ability. The materials isolate the difficulty for the child so he can focus and develop his ability to discriminate.
 Each exercise has a control of error that allows the child to control his own errors.  The exercises perfect the tools of learning and make abstract ideas concrete.
 Through the use of the materials, the child will develop his coordination, attention to details and good work habits.